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Project Management

Costumers-Services are our highest priority we applies excellent project management to fulfil your requirements.

Installation Service

Our Service-Team will be presenting on-site during the entire phase of Soft- and Hardware installation until the complete and detailed implementation is concluded.

Maintenance and Support

Reliable & fast support are the pilars of TADWEEN’S services. Though our biometric identification systems will be persistent.

Training Programs

Our Service-Team provides a comprehensive training program for newly appointed staff.
TADWEEN is your Partner for successful application of all technology.


Our TADWEEN Hard- and Software-Experts are available for your questions about our AFIS & biometric solutions at all times.

Management Consulting

TADWEEN consultants work with clients to identify the most cost effective way to produce high quality job documentation.
The process of designing and documenting the duties and responsibilities of "jobs" takes place through a combination of research, process review, questionnaires, and individual or focus group meetings, where Involving employees leads to success in the results.
TADWEEN advising business leaders on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives.

Technology Consulting

TADWEEN can advise clients on a range of solutions which will help organization to measure and achieve an acceptable ROI from IT investment.
TADWEEN developed a post-system implementation review process which will provide organization with an independent appraisal covering IT systems (hardware and software) and management, Security, Management reporting and Training requirements.
This review will provide clients with a detailed action plan through which systems improvements can be made, IT governance improved, and increased returns gained from the original investment.
TADWEEN can examine the efficiency and effectiveness of organization’s processes to help ensure that clients deliver the highest quality products and services, in the most productive way, at competitive prices to customers’ satisfaction.

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